As a subsidiary of the City of Geldern, we have the objective to stimulate the economic growth in the region. Therefore we support startups and young entrepreneurs in the implementation of their business ideas. 

Our goals are: 

  • To support startups and young companies
  • To stimulate the economy in Geldern
  • To stimulate economic innovations
  • To create new jobs in the region

Located in the centre of Geldern, the Gelderner Business Incubator offers startups and existing enterprises the possibility to rent flexible and cost effective business space. This can be offered as both an office space or as a business address. As a partner of the Gelderner Business Incubator you are always in easy access of your customers and business partners. We can also take care of your incoming mail and take messages on your behalf. We are able to offer advice as our professional team is very competent to answer all your questions ranging from your business ideas to the startup of your company.


Your startup company provides not only your own independence, it also helps you and us to stimulate the economy of the Geldern region, plus it offers other employees a clear perspective of who you are and what your company offers. Throughout Germany startups in incubators created 248,000 jobs so far.